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Behold a story so good, not even Ryan Reynolds could blow it.

4 Awesome Superhero Movie Sequels That Will Never Happen

#4. Green Lantern 2: Emerald Twilight

So here’s the pitch: The sequel takes place a few years after Green Lantern. Hal Jordan (Ryan Reynolds) is the universally loved and appreciated champion of the city that he saved from a giant monster in the first movie, kinda like Ghostbusters 2, but in reverse. But then the city gets attacked by another monster … and Jordan fails. The city is wiped out. His girlfriend, his family, his precious bathroom cabinet equipped with all manner of hair products — all gone. That’s when Jordan goes “Wait a minute, I have a magic ring that can do anything! I can bring the city back!” In his grief he tries to do that, but his bosses, the Guardians of the Universe, tell him that it is forbidden. Jordan replies “YOUR FACE is forbidden” (this line is non-negotiable) and murders the Guardians, absorbing all their power and thus the power of every Green Lantern in the galaxy. One of the Guardians manages to escape and gives the last Green Lantern ring to a new guy: John Stewart, or the Green Lantern you actually remember from the Justice League cartoon. You know, the guy so popular that when the Green Lantern movie came out, people wondered why Ryan Reynolds was playing a black guy.

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And this is where I thrash


And this is where I thrash


Victorian memento Mori human hair sections for sale. Each section is made from real human hair! These are each being sold separately. They came from a large hair wreath I got recently. Would be amazing for an artist to frame, make jewelry, project, or just include in your cabinet of curiosity. They are $150 each. To purchase please contact me at U.S shipping only. #oddities #mementomori #humanhairwreath #anatomy #anatomical #cabinetofcuriosites #antiquemedical #mourning #funeralantiques

In another life I would be your girl
We’d keep all our promises- be us against the world
In another life I would make you stay
So I wouldn’t have to say that you’re the one that got away.

The truth will set you free, but first it will make you miserable.
James A. Garfield (via healthandpsychology)



The August 10, 2014 supermoon was the closest, brightest supermoon of 2014. These are some of the photos submitted to EarthSky.

  • Supermoon over Ireland by Damian O’Sullivan.
  • Supermoon by Stephen Curtin.
  • Super cool super-moonrise composite from Fiona M. Donnelly in Ontario.
  • Supermoon by Kimberly O’Donoghue.
  • "Fly me to the Moon …" Boston, © Manish Mamtani Photography
  • Supermoon over Lake Ontario by Steve Thamer.
  • Supermoon and shipwreck by Damian McCudden.

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Editorial Cartoon: ‘Bum Control


Felix has the best lines I swear

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I love my kitchen